To some, an activity holiday is a day of fishing on the river, bird-watching in the hills or simply lazing on the beach with a jolly good read. To the more adventurous among us though, wakeboarding, water-skiing and hill-climbing hold greater appeal. The truth is, we all need a bit of activity and relaxation on holiday and if you have a party of mixed interests, age and abilities, you will want to make sure there’s enough for everyone to do.

Whether you’re a water skier, a sky diver, a keen cyclist or a serial rambler, chances are you’ll need to enjoy some level of home comfort and entertainment to make your stay memorable for all the right reasons.   ‘Hybrid holidays’ are the order of the day where people are combining activity and relaxation activities closer to home where the best of both worlds can be savoured, whatever shape you’re in.

Whatever your vice, the choice and quality of activity holidays is expanding in the UK all year round – rain, hail and shine.  The Cotswolds offer all year round escapes of unparalleled beauty in the heart of dear old Blighty.  So, in case you’ve missed these opportunities to date, we’ve selected a range of activities to help you plan some great breaks for you and your loved ones that will keep everyone happy all day long.

The English Staycation Is On Trend

Staycations are currently on trend across the UK with domestic holiday and short breaks rising in popularity.  Thanks very much to Brexit, the falling pound and a growing desire for hassle free escapes from fast tech  life the city, where 80% of the population now live, going local is makes absolute sense as a cost effective holiday option.

So, what’s the big attraction?  In the very heart of England, there are countless areas of outstanding beauty where nature is highly protected, high standard accommodation is available all year round and nature’s landscape provides a blank canvas for just about everyone to enjoy.

The Cotswolds have it all with its’ interconnected stream of lakes and rivers spanning 6 glorious English counties.  Home-grown holidays such as these offer cultural familiarity, regional variation, uncomplicated travel and simple easy access makes impromptu planning even more possible to ‘get away from it all’ in a matter of minutes.

They Don’t Call It The Great Outdoors For Nothing

Despite the vagaries of our beloved British climate, we’re a pretty active bunch with over 60% of adults exercising for 150 minutes a week according to Sport England. Swimming, cycling and walking are amongst our most popular pursuits and can be enjoyed by almost all ages. Although women still tend to be less active than men and activity levels decline with age, it’s worth bearing this in mind when planning for an invigorating break.

Even during dull winter days, sunlight improves our vitamin D levels, our feel-good hormone levels and feelings of happiness and wellness.  Physical activity, being sociable and getting back to nature all together provide a natural and irresistible combination of de-stressors to our high tech or city lives.

Pick & Mix Your Activities

Whether you’re going alone or in company, celebrating or having a quiet escape, you’ll need a great place to stay.  Fear not, here’s a little sample of some of the tremendous adventures available for you to enjoy all year round.  Apart from expansive inland waterways, there is also a sandy beach to explore in the Cotswolds.

  • SailingFirstly, the climate is moderate in this neck of the woods so to speak. Waters aren’t too choppy so shouldn’t scare the novice sailor, there are lots of beautiful lakes to choose from and local experts are available to keep everyone safe and happy.
  • Watersports:  Well, this list is exciting and extensive. Canoeing, wakeboarding, cable ski-ing, rowing, and zorbing are just some of the activities you can enjoy.  For a touch of relaxation, there are boat trips, pedalos and inflatable rides. Most water sports cater for most ages from novice to expert and children to adults.
  • Cycling: Have a peek at this great map of cycle routes in the region, some challenging, some not so much. What they all do have in common is a landscape that can definitely be described as the best of British.
  • WalkingThis is definitely one for family, friends and fluffy friends. A place to relax, enjoy nature, photography, painting, birdwatching or even a spot of angling en route.
  • Golfingdriving ranges indoors and outdoors and a parkland golf courses at South Cerney offers a serious challenge to novice players as well as aspiring and experienced golf pros.
  • Spa and Leisure; These are definitely combination breaks and there are lots of wonderful choices to be made to suit you and your party. Why not enjoy getting fit and feeling even fitter within the luxury gated complex next to Lechlade on Thames where hot tubs and fabulous beauty treatments  are  a plenty?
  • The New Birding Craze:   Bird-watching is on trend in 2017. Who’d have thought the trendy and energetic current generation of hipsters would take to bird watching to escape from the everyday strains of modern life by finding solitude with our fine feathered friends outdoors.

Have a look at this great article to find out more guidance on this exhilarating hobby.

Home from Home Holidays

If you’re tempted to pack your bags, hop in the car and go, then an activity break in the Cotswolds could be just what you need?

No more airport queues, expensive refreshments or complications with currency.  Home is the place to be so why not get in touch with the holiday team at Orion Holidays to help you plan your next getaway?  Simply give them a call on 01285 861 839.

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