Kim Moffatt

What do you do at Orion Holidays?

Answering to Sarah, Kim deals with the day-to-day accounts, and also helps out wherever needed.  She likes the fact that her flexible hours mean that she can work from home. Find out more about her here.


What’s going on in your photo?

Poppy came to us as a rescue and plays a big part in our lives.  Most days Poppy and I can usually be found most days walking the various Commons around Stroud.


What do you love about the Cotswolds? 

What’s not to love about the Cotswolds! I like the quirkiness of Stroud, the picturesque villages and the stunning walks that are all on our doorstep.  The Cotswold Way footpath offers so many walks, and runs very close to home!


What’s at the top of your bucket list?

There is so much I would love to see, from the rainforests in Costa Rica, the Northern Lights and whale watching from Vancouver Island.  One day……!!