How to Entertain the Kids Without Boring Mum and Dad

A family holiday can sometimes seem like an impossible challenge.  Entertaining the kids tends to be hard work, and no holiday for the parents.  Especially younger kids with their boundless energy.  Well, that’s where the Cotswolds really shine.  There are so many activities and things to do to suit all interests and ages.

If you didn’t know already, the Cotswolds is an area of extraordinary beauty and historical wonderment, with stone built cottages in abundance and rolling hills stretching across 6 counties in the very heart of England. The Cotswolds boundaries stretch southwards between Shakespeare’s Stratford-Upon-Avon south to Georgian Bath.

Nature Walks and Wildlife

There are a number of excellent nature reserves in the area, meaning you can take the kids to see lots of wildlife, including the ever-popular otters, without having to trek across miles of wilderness to do it, unless you really want to of course. Here are a few stops worth checking out.

The Cotswolds Wildlife Park is also endearingly referred to locally as Cotswold Zoo. It offers the chance to see and appreciate plenty of animals and wildlife you wouldn’t normally get to see roaming around the region, including the popular Lemurs and Meerkats, with the convenience of a zoo/park.  That’s important if your kids are not the most patient, or are young, and you want to be sure they’ll certainly see some animals.

If you love animals, are feeling energetic, and want to learn more about caring for these lovely creatures, check out The Animal Sanctuary. Do you think you could volunteer for a few hours? The patron of this charity is our national treasure, actress Joanna Lumley.

And for a different kind of wildlife experience, why not try Zorbing down-hill in the countryside It is incredible fun to watch and to do and it makes an unforgettable experience for all the family.

Beaches and Parks

Beaches and parks are always great for letting younger kids run around and play, without necessarily having to exhaust yourself keeping up.  Add in a family picnic and you can have a perfect day that all the family can enjoy. The Cotswolds has its very own beach so perfect for warm, humid, hot and sunny days to celebrate our inimitable English summer. Visit the Cotswold Country Park and Beach for a great day out, gran and gramps included.

Water Sports

There’s a huge array of water sports available to suit all activity and skill levels at the Cotswolds Water Park where you can hire all shapes and sizes of floating vessels.  Whether the main aim is fun, excitement, or relaxation, there’s something for everyone.

Rowing, kayaks, paddle boards and canoes are available for hire and can give young children new skills and appreciation for peace, tranquillity and the natural world whilst paddling away.

Try Lakeside Ski and Wake for water skis, wakeboards and inflatables for the more adventurous. Rides are suitable for 4+ years olds and wakeboards for 6+.

Horse Riding

Catering to all ages from 4 years up, this is a great way to entertain the kids with something exciting and outdoors, while also remaining seated.

Try Rein and Shine, a horse riding school that specialises in dressage and show-jumping. You can enjoy a gentle ride, admire the view, learn all about competition, if you are so inclined, and see some of the most athletic horses here, under the supervision of trained staff.

Paintball and Shooting

For slightly older kids, boys and girls, age 10 and up, plus adults too may love the idea of swapping their Play Station games of shooting for a real-world experience.

Combat Splat  is just the ticket for the competitive ones, letting them have plenty excitement, thrills and spills, the Cotswold way of course.

Restaurants and Bars

It’s not a holiday if you still have to slave over a hot stove, so make sure everyone gets a rest.  There’s a massive variety of restaurants and bars, some with dedicated children’s play areas. And no washing up. For a break from the kitchen sink and some light refreshment, try The Lakeside Bar.

For a wider choice of family friendly restaurants and pubs in the Cotswolds, just click on the links to see what other people who’ve been there, have to say.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about family thrills, spills and holiday frolics in the Cotswolds, why not ask the experts who’ve been catering for families with a passion for many years at Orion Cotswolds on 01285 861839.

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