Why take a staycation?

With the utterly gorgeous summertime we’ve had here in the UK, concerns about the economy and Brexit plus the increased popularity of road trips, staycations are the ‘in’ thing at the moment.

Whether you’re holidaying as a couple, family or in a group of friends, there’s no denying that loading up a car, strapping in your loved ones and hitting the road doesn’t sound like the ideal escape.

If you’re questioning whether to have a staycation or not, here are some things to keep in mind.

You can save money

When you go on holiday abroad, it’s often not just the holiday accommodation you have to pay for. It’s the flights, the baggage handling, the transport to the airport, the transport on the other side and more. It can quickly add up, particularly when travelling as a family.

The huge benefit of taking a UK staycation is that you can bypass all of that! All you need to do is stick all of the baggage in the boot and get driving with your family nicely tucked in their seats.

Even better, we’ve noticed bigger groups hiring their own minibuses for a period of time to help cover the transport issue for everyone involved. Not only is this kinder for the environment to all travel together but the holiday excitement is much greater when travelling as a group.

Take time to explore your own country

Many of us can say we’ve explored a handful of Spanish islands and maybe even hopped across a few Greek ones but how many people have fully explored their own country?

If you haven’t been to the Cotswolds yet for a break, we are sure that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. With a whole mix of activities including those that provoke an adrenaline rush, to calm walks around the markets and refreshing drinks in picturesque pubs, we’re not sure what else you need out of a holiday. Maybe a beach? Well, we have one of those too!

Whilst we know the weather in England can be a bit unpredictable, this summer turned out to be a stunning one. Great for all the lucky people who booked a holiday at home this year.

Your pets can holiday with you too

It’s the worst feeling having to leave your pet at home – you can only hope that they understand that you’ll be back in a weeks’ time and you’re not leaving them! If only you could take them with you…

Leave no man (or should that be dog) behind. The UK is becoming more and more of a dog-friendly place every year with numerous pubs not only welcoming them but also serving them their own food and drink. Afternoon tea surrounded by puppies anyone?

We have a full range of dog-friendly properties too which mean that for just a small fee so you can let your dogs join in the holiday fun with the family.

Reduced travel times

Is there anything worse than getting up in the middle of the night, dragging your entourage out of bed to get ready and rushing to the airport for a nice 2+ hour wait to board your plane?

With a staycation, you have full control of your travel times and how you plan to get from A to B. Better yet, no matter where you are in the UK you will always be roughly 2 hours away from a beach by car – what more do you need out of a summer holiday?

If you do have a longer journey ahead of you, there is always the option to stop along the way whether that’s for a quick explore whilst passing through a town or an overnight stay before continuing your journey.

A quick short break

If you struggle to take time off work when the kids are off school or are trying to arrange a holiday for a larger group with multiple diaries then a short break can be the perfect answer.

When you only have a few days holiday you want to maximise the time away which is when a staycation really comes into its own.  Minimal travel time, hassle free organisation plus the ability to bring along the whole family (furry members included) make short in the UK increasingly popular.

What about the Cotswolds for your next Staycation?

Full to the brim with wildlife, nature, quaint towns, antique yet impressive buildings and more history than you can handle, we obviously think that the Cotswolds is one of the best places to visit for a staycation. Whether you want a romantic spa break away, an action-filled adventure with the kids or just want to explore new towns and restaurants, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

If you’re interested in renting out a self-catering lodge in the Cotswolds Water Park on one of our gorgeous lakes, have a look around our website to see what we have on offer or give us a call on 01285 861839.

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