Here at Orion Holidays we are continuously striving to improve our services to both those staying with us and the owners of the properties themselves.  We recently ran a survey looking for feedback from the property owners about our service and are thrilled with the positive comments and feedback we received

100% of respondents gave top scores for our overall service

We started our survey by asking our property owners to rate us out of 5 on the overall service we provide, and we are pleased to report that 100% of those responded scored us with a 4 or 5.

Knowledge and Friendliness of our Team

Obviously we think our team is fantastic but it’s important for us to know what others think about us. We asked our property owners to rate the friendliness of our team as well as their knowledge about the park and the properties we manage.

80% of those who responded gave our team top marks for their friendliness and knowledge, what’s more it’s clear from the feedback that many of them would like to know more about the people behind the phones and so we are creating a meet the team page to give a bit more of an insight to them all – so keep an eye out!

Communicating with you

The final area we asked them to rate was the quality, speed and frequency of communication received from us and once again we are delighted with the results.  92% of those who responded gave us top marks.

We also received some fantastic feedback on the kind of communication they would like to see from us in the future and will be including them within our regular Owners Newsletter, these include:

Updates on what’s going on at the Cotswold Water Park

Details of occupancy rates and the marketing activity we are undertaking

General information about owning a holiday property

100% would recommend Orion Holidays

Recommendations – a word that all businesses love to hear and we are no exception!  It really is a great testament to the service we provide in that 100% of those who responded either have or would be happy to recommend Orion. 

A few words from the owners themselves

In addition to the fantastic scores many of the respondents also provided us with some great testimonials, a selection of which can be found below:


“The Orion family are a great team who offer a service that goes above and beyond the call of duty.  We’ve had close to 20 years of experience of their support and would not hesitate to recommend them.  They have made our experience of owning a lodge so much more pleasurable.”

  • Anonymous


“This is our first year of owning a lodge on the lake and as we live and work abroad it has been wonderful to do this knowing that our property is in safe hands and we have that piece of mind that enables us to carry on with our lives without having to worry. The attention to detail in the way Orion handle our property is excellent. We have recently returned to the UK and popped in to check the lodge. After nearly a year it looked better than when we left it!”

  • Steve & Louise Kelly – Windrush


“We have used the services of Mark and his team since we bought our property many years ago and have always found them very approachable and helpful.  In terms of personal service, flexibility and attention to detail, they are second to none.”

  • Fiona and Mike Cordy


“Orion holidays a great team and always there to help sort any problems.”

  • Anonymous


A big thank you from the team at Orion Holidays

We would like to thank all of the property owners that took the time to complete our survey and provide such great feedback.  We really appreciate it all and look forward to working with you during 2018 and beyond.

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