The Rise of Staycations….

Not wanting to travel abroad? Then a UK staycation is for you!

But what exactly is a staycation?  A staycation is a home from home experience without having to travel and many of these are reachable by car or even train. We see visitors from all over come to enjoy what the Cotswolds has to offer! Our most popular staycations in the Cotswold Water Park include fishing holidays, luxury spa breaks, hot tub properties and many more.  If you want to find out more, get in touch.

Are staycations rising?

Yes, staycations are on the rise and are here to stay. Did you know that 57% of people are now taking their annual summer holiday in the UK?

With some of the hottest summers on record, it came with no surprise that a staggering 55% increase of bookings were made for staycations across the UK.

An average of 6,600 people searched per month for UK staycations, however, since March there has been an astonishing 8,100 searches per month.

Have a look for yourself. Click here to find a recent report of the impact currents events have had on UK Travel.

Reasons for this rise?

The beauty of the UK that we call our home…

Why go abroad when there is so much beautiful scenery to be enjoyed right on your doorstep?

Get the home from home experience and relax without any stress as everything you need is right here. The most important of all is the opportunity to explore what this amazing country has to offer and make ever lasting memories.

Find out why the Cotswolds is known for being an area of outstanding natural beauty, and reasons to visit by clicking here.



Forget draining your bank account on costly planes and boats. Staying in the UK can not only be helping the economy but also much better for your pocket. Better yet, you can take much more luggage with you without having to pay additional fees.

Not only can you be saving money but also saving time and energy:

  • No painful airport lounge check in wait times
  • No transfer hassles
  • Same time zone UK wide
  • Less travel time
  • No jet lags

Make sure you are always keeping your eyes out for good offers. We have some great offers available that are regularly updated. For more details of these, please feel free to contact us or visit our website.


You do not need to travel far to find a day of fun! There are countless opportunities and activities to be enjoyed right near you. Whether going for a pleasurable walk in the countryside surrounded by nature or an activity packed day.

Our Top 10 Cotswold waterpark walks and water sports activities will be sure to offer a great day out with fun and laughter for everyone.


Quarantine rules – when going abroad, do you really want to spend the next two weeks after a holiday self-isolating?

Millions of people have had to cancel their holiday plans because of coronavirus which meant tourism has taken a massive hit as people are now deciding to stay in the UK.

A holiday is a perfect time to forget about your day-to-day worries and enjoy quality time with your family or friends. But with the current restrictions on travel abroad, many of us may have to ditch our foreign summer getaway and instead will enjoy a break much closer to home.

It is important to feel safe while away. If you’re feeling nervous about going out then what is better than to be sat in the safety of your own decking area with stunning lakeside views that our properties have to offer.

Tailor your holiday how you want it…

The beauty of staycations means that it is entirely tailored to you! It can be as long or as short as you wish with no hassle if you can only get a short time off work, making it convenient for you.

Never leave a family member behind. We all know how important and loved our pets our so why shouldn’t they enjoy the fun too? Find out what pet friendly holidays we have to offer in the Cotswolds to enjoy time away together.

So, does a staycation sound good to you?

We have a whole host of spectacular places right here in the UK which are just calling out to be explored and enjoyed. More and more people want to get away from cities and come to the countryside to enjoy fantastic views and lots of outdoor activities. Staycations are becoming the next big thing.

If you need a hand organising your perfect escape in the Cotswolds, we would love to help you arrange it! Give us a call on 01285 861 839 or take a look around our website to see what is available.

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