Whether you’re having a bit of recreational fun or you are more of a competitive player, feeling the wind rush past you whilst you glide across the water is a phenomenal feeling and one that all those brave enough to try will love it.

For those who don’t know, water-skiing is a surface water sport in which you are pulled behind a boat holding onto a cable with 1 or 2 skis on your feet.

If you’re thinking about being a bit adventurous during your stay with us on the lakes, take a look at our top tips for water-skiing:


Top tips for water-skiing

Stretch out before you go on the water. You must ensure your muscles are warmed up and stretched out before taking to the waters to ensure maximum mobility, strength and flexibility. This will help you hold your stance on the skis as well as help you avoid any injuries through pulled muscles.

Don’t look down at your skis. Maintaining your balance is key for water-skiing and staring down at your feet will affect this. Keep your chin up and eyes focused on the horizon or boat to keep your centre of gravity in the middle.

Use your body weight to your advantage. When turning, don’t try to lean to one side but transfer your weight between your feet instead. Leaning too fiercely at a speed will cause you to lose your balance and topple over.

Keep practising! Like any sport, you’ll probably fall over a few times and make a couple of mistakes but regardless, it will be a great laugh and you will get better over time.

We recommend any of the clubs taking part in the Sultan of Slalom event. The professional and qualified instructors that work there will be able to give you all the hints and tips you need to succeed.


Have some fun on the water

Situated on Spring Lake, which is home to a wide range of our holiday lodges, Lakeside Ski & Wake offer water-skiing lessons from everyone whether you’re a beginner or an expert. The professional and qualified team in the Cotswolds are trained to help you to feel comfortable and confident on the lake whether it’s your first time or not.

Lakeside Ski & Wake will provide everything you need from latest equipment to wetsuits so all you need to do is turn up with an open mind and a brave attitude.

As well as water-skiing, the team also offer wakeboarding lessons as well as some fun water rides to get your adrenaline going. Take a look at their website for more information.

Take up water-skiing

If you’re more serious about taking up water skiing as a sport then head on over to the Cirencester Water Ski Club website. This is a family club that provides water skiing for all abilities from beginner onwards.

This club is run by the members, for the members. All the prices for memberships can be found here.


Lakeside holidays in the Cotswolds

A lot of the time, our holidaymakers just love sitting out on their decking and watching those taking part in the water sports do their thing. It’s great fun to watch, learn and do yourself.

Our properties on Spring Lake will get you right on the edge of the lake so you can see all the action. One recent review said:

“Saturday morning onwards we hardly saw the children (not really children as they are teenagers) since they left their technology and were out on kayaks or paddle boards or playing tennis or swimming for the whole day and well in to the evening.”

If you’re interested in booking a property on any of our lakes, take a look at our availability on our website or give us a call on 01285 861839.

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